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Md. Nazibur Rahman ndc, PhD, Addl IGP (Grade-1), Bangladesh Police was born on 10 October, 1962. He obtained double Masters: one in Entomology and the other one in Security and Development Studies. He is a laureate with ndc after a successful accomplishment of National Defence Course in 2014. He has been awarded PhD on Development Studies in the early 2018. He joined in the Bangladesh Civil Service (Police) of the Government of the Peoples’ Republic of Bangladesh on 15 February, 1988. He worked in many capacities such as SP, Sirajganj and Bandarban District, DIG of APBn, Police Commissioner of Khulna Metropolitan Police and DIG of Police Telecom. He has a versatile experience of many other important assignments in the country and abroad. He worked as a senior Diplomat for a considerable period in the capacity of Minister (Consular) at the Bangladesh High Commission in New Delhi, India. He attended different training courses at home and abroad (UK, USA and Italy). He is a part-time teacher in MBSTU, Tangail. He is also a resource person in the National Academy for Planning and Development, Dhaka, Bangladesh. He worked in different peace keeping missions of the United Nations. He visited many countries of the world in order to perform government duties or to suffice personal necessity. His hobbies are of gardening, travelling and reading books. He is married and blessed with a son and twin daughters who all are students at different levels.

Message of Principal

Hello!  Welcome to the official website of Bangladesh Police Academy, Sardah, Rajshahi, Bangladesh.


The use of Information Technology has unlocked an ample opportunity for rapid and necessary communication. For the same reason, this website has been built for popular expediency especially for users who wanted to know more information about the Bangladesh Police Academy as well as its existing services. All the information is just a click away!  Besides circulating information with ease, fast and accurate on training programs to all levels of leadership in the force, it also serves as a medium of two way communications between the Academy, its staff and the general mass. This website facilitates the public to interact and enquire as well as give suggestions and feedback through e-mails. On top of that, one of the interesting features in this web is, the public can interact with the Academy staff through e-mails for advice and consultation.  It is expected that through this website, the culture of utilizing information technology will be boosted. It is also expected that all the information will be fully used and the knowledge procured can be helpful. This will definitely upgrade the quality of service delivery of Bangladesh Police Academy.

Thank You.


Md. Nazibur Rahman, ndc, PhD
Addl. IGP (Grade-1)

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