Forensic Lab

In order to acquire practical skills as well as to get acquainted with various aspects of scientific aids available for crime investigation for trainee officers and in-service course participants, the Academy has a mini Forensic Lab. It is equipped with a wide range of microscopes like Binocular, Projection, Stereo, Infrared Image Converter and Bullet Comparison Microscopes. It is also equipped with other equipments like Fingerprint Comparator, Ultraviolet Sources, Fingerprint Recording Camera, fourth generation Handheld Explosive Detector, Metal Detector and Polygraph machine. Recently, various fingerprint development and recording kits, powders, brushes and other related equipment have been imported to upgrade the existing facilities. This is one of the well equipped laboratories exclusively for training purposes. The Academy also acquired Narco Pouch Disposal Field Kit for identification of drugs, Traffic Radar System for target vehicle speed detection, Alco Sensor IV with Printer for detecting breath alcohol and Ballistic Combat Jacket, Police Covert Vest and Improvised Explosive Device Suit.

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