Computer Lab: IT Center

The Academy has a well established Computer Lab. All Officers, Trainees and participants of in-service courses are given training on use of Computers. The Academy has more than 100 P.Cs. Multi-Media computers with projection facilities are available in all the class-rooms. All the faculty members are also provided with Computers in their offices and residences. The Academy is a WiFi zone and it has a campus-wide network with Fibre-Optics back-bone. All the sections of the Academy are connected through LAN. Dedicated Internet connection with a 20 Mbps leased line is also available in the Academy for 24 hr Internet access to Officer Trainees, participants of various In-service Courses and faculty members. The Academy has High-end Scanners, CD Writers and Laser network printers. 1 high-end Servers is installed in a separate server room. The Academy has some of the latest software for office automation and training which include Microsoft Office, MS-Office 2000, MS-Visual Studio, Adobe products like Page makers, Photo-shop, etc. In addition, the Academy also has some specialized Police software for different stores.